Wild Game Processing


Processing $1.25/lb.

Skinning and Bone Disposal $32.00 plus the hide

Minimum Processing Charge Including Skinning $99.00

Charged on the dressed weight and includes cutting, wrapping, freezing of all boneless chops, steaks, tenderloin, and roasts.

$40 deposit per deer and/or trim order.  This will be deducted off of your final bill.

Ground Wild Game

Ground with youth choice of added meat. (1 lb package)

Hamburger (100% Wild Game)$0.50/lb.
Hamburger with 10% Tallow$0.75/lb.
Hamburger with 1/3 Pork$1.89/lb.
Hamburger with 1/3 Beef$2.19/lb.
Hamburger with 20% Bacon$2.25/lb.

Bulk Fresh Sausage

Made with 1/3 lean pork. (1 lb package)

Seasoned Sausage$2.79/lb.
Hot Italian Sausage$2.79/lb.

Summer Sausages

Made with 1/3 lean pork. (2 lb package) & vacuum sealed

Summer Sausage$3.29/lb.
Garlic Summer Sausage$3.39/lb.
Tangy Summer Sausage$3.49/lb.
Cheddar Summer Sausage$3.79/lb.
Jalapeño Cheddar Summer Sausage$4.19/lb.
Cranberry Wild Rice Summer Sausage$4.49/lb.
Wild Rice Cheddar Summer Sausage$4.49/lb.
Blueberry Cheddar Summer Sausage$4.49/lb.
Green Olive & Cheddar Summer Sausage$4.69/lb.

Whole Muscle/Ground & Formed

100% wild game and vacuum packed. Six pieces per package.

Whole Muscle Jerky (Approximate yield 40%)$4.29/lb.
Dried Wild Game (Approximate yield 52%)$4.59/lb.
Teriyaki Flats (Approximate yield 52%)$3.89/lb.
Pepper Jack Flats (Approximate yield 52%)$4.09/lb.
Cheddar Flats (Approximate yield 52%)$4.09/lb.

Fresh Sausages

Made with 1/2 lean pork & vacuum packed. (6 links in a package)

Fresh Brats$3.59/lb.
Pineapple Fresh Brats$3.89/lb.
Beer Fresh Brats$3.89/lb.
Breakfast Links (10 links/1 lb. package)$3.59/lb.
Fresh Country Sausage (1 lb. ring)$3.59/lb.


Made with 1/2 lean pork & vacuum packed. (10 per package)

Coarse Ground Wieners$4.29/lb.

Snack Sticks

Made with 1/3 lean pork & yields approximately 66%-72% & vacuum packed. 10 sticks per package.

Snack Sticks$4.09/lb.
Maple Sticks$4.59/lb.
Jalapeño Sticks$4.59/lb.
Twangy Sticks$4.59/lb.
Bloody Mary Sticks w/Pepper Jack Cheese$4.59/lb.
Twangy Cheddar Sticks$4.59/lb.
Sweet & Spicy Sticks$4.59/lb.
Pepper Jack Sticks$4.59/lb.
Teriyaki Sticks$4.59/lb.
Lucky 7 – Pepper Sticks$4.59/lb.
Sweet Maple Bacon Sticks$4.59/lb.
Jalapeño Cheddar Sticks$4.59/lb.

Smoked Sausages

Made with 1/2 lean pork & vacuum packed. Six links per package.

Polish Sausage$3.69/lb.
Maple Brats$4.09/lb.
Wild Rice Brats$4.29/lb.
Jalapeño Cheddar Brats$4.39/lb.
Philly Steak & Cheese Brats$4.39/lb.
Taco Brats$4.39/lb.
Wild Rice Cheddar Brats$4.39/lb.


Made with 1/2 lean pork & vacuum packed. (1 lb package)

Large Bologna$3.79/lb.
Ring Bologna$3.99/lb.
Coarse Ring Bologna$4.09/lb.

Bear Processing

Skinning & Processing
Skinning $75.00.*
Processing $1.39/lb.*
*Charged on the dressed weight of the animal.
Hamburger 1# Packages$0.75/lb.
–With Tallow$0.90/lb.
–With 1/3 Pork$2.30/lb.
–With 1/3 Beef$2.70/lb.
Summer Sausage (1/3 beef added)$4.29/lb.
Jalapeño Cheddar Summer Sausage (1/3 beef added)$4.99/lb.
Polish Sausage (1/4 pork & 1/4 beef added)$4.39/lb.
Snack Sticks (Yield: 66%)$4.79/lb.


Removal of Head for European Mount $15.00

Without the hide (already skun out) or Quartered Deer $15.00

Caping $75.00

Removal of Antlers at the Base $5 – Must be taken at the time the deer is dropped off.

We will call when your order is ready. Orders MUST be picked up within 2 weeks or there will be a weekly $10.00 storage fee.

AT THE TIME OF DROP OFF you must leave your cutting instructions and notify us if you would like the antlers and/or hide. We keep the hide as part of the processing. If you would like your hide back, there is an extra charge of $15.
All orders are processed in a First in – First Out Basis. We will process your order as quickly as possible but quality comes first.

  • All wild game must be tagged and registered. Trimmings must be clean and have tag numbers.
  • We like to remind hunters to follow safe food handling practices with your meat. We will not accept any
    wild game carcasses or trim that appears to be mishandled or unsanitary. Don’t use garbage bags.
  • We reserve the right to dispose of any game that is spoiled – the owner will be notified first.
  • All of your chops, steaks and roasts are cut boneless. All cuts are wrapped in paper.
  • All sausages are made with 1/2 wild game & 1/2 lean pork. Sticks, summer, and bulk fresh sausage are 2/3 wild game & 1/3 lean pork. Prices include pork added. If you would like beef added instead, the price increases $1.00 per lb.
  • All prices listed are charged on the weight of the wild game and added pork before smoking, not the finished weight.
  • If you change your order after your initial order is put in, we do our best to see that the change gets made, but we do not guarantee that it will happen.
  • We are happy to make any special orders after January 15th. Special orders require a minimum order of 25lbs.
  • Boneless trimmings brought in for further processing will be charged a wrapping charge .50¢ per pound on the processed weight.

For the do-it-yourselfer we have everything you need:

  • Beef Trimmings
  • Pork Trimmings
  • Tallow
  • Seasonings
  • Hi-Temp Cheese
    • Swiss
    • Cheddar
    • Mozzarella
    • Hot Pepper
    • Bleu Cheese
  • Casings
  • Wrapping paper, tape, and tape dispensers
  • Hamburger bags and food grade bags
  • Knives, steels, handsaws, and saw blades

We will be grinding, seasoning, and mixing every Saturday from 8:00am till noon, beginning November through January. Please call ahead to reserve a time and order the trimmings, seasonings, and/or supplies you will need.

Grinding $0.75/lb., Mixing $0.75/lb., Grinding & Mixing $1.40/lb.

Prices subject to change without notice. Prices effective September 3, 2020.

Foley location only

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